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Sarees for this wedding season

4 Traditional Wears of India which are emerging as a new fashion trend among the youth.

Indian is a country of culture and tradition, Our country has thousands of years of history about its tradition and culture, We Indians still follow our traditions which were started thousand years ago. One of our traditional wear is Saree which is the oldest women’s wear from ancient times and till now saree is the most common wear of our country.

As we all know our Indian is known for Unity in Diversity, we have many different types of traditions and cultures here like that every state in our Indian has their own kind of Traditional wear from many small towns and cities which have different weaving techniques, designs & Materials. We’ve picked 4 traditional wears of India Which are emerging as a new fashion among the youth:

1.Ilkal Handloom Sarees form Karnataka.

Ilkal is a town in North Karnataka, where 50-60% people in Ilkal into handloom saree weaving work since the 8th century. Ilkal Sarees are famous for its saree border and pallu. The Ilkal Sarees are used to be a common femine wear mainly in North Karnataka & Maharashtra but nowadays the Ilkal Saree is becoming a new trend among youths all over India as now these saree’s are used to design womens western wear and men’s suits and also these sarees are used in fashion show for a unique look.

2.Guledgudda Khana Saree

Hailing from Guledagudda village in the Bagalkot district of North Karnataka and spanning a hundred years. The fabric is often collectively known as Guledgudda Khana, with “khana” being a prominent blouse & Saree fabric of the state.Now this Khana is famous for new age fashion, khana is now used as a dress material to create shirts, bags and pillow covers and many home decorative items.

3.Patteda Anchu saree

Patteda anchu sarees weavers from Karnataka have kept alive one such ancient weave from the 10th century. Named after the pattern (border and checks), the sari was specifically designed for women working in farms. This sari is made in cotton and has a specific colour palette that includes shades like yellow, red, pink and green. Nowadays these sarees have become more famous among working women as they look perfect for professional wear.

4 Kasavu saree

Kasavu saree from Kerala was originally known as ‘Mundum Nereyatham. Simple cotton sarees in off-white colour with a golden border, the Kasavu sarees from Kerala are iconic in their own sense. A Kasavu saree is a mark of elegance, simplicity, and tradition. The saree is now famous for its simplicity look among the youngsters.

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  1. Smita Gokhale

    Yes really ilkal sarees have its own bueaty and elegance

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