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Have you heard about Ilkal?. Hmm No?

It’s okay, I am here to give you a brief introduction about  Ilkal.

Ilkal is a small town in North Karnataka Bagalkot District falls in Hunagund taluk. lkal is famous for Ilkal sarees and nowadays more popular with red granite. In ilkal many people’s lives depend on weaving, they don’t know anything to do other than weaving.  Traditional weaving came into existence since from 8th century’s ancient craft. So it has its own popularity over the universe for long decades.

  This is a technical era, each and everything depends on technology. But to date to ensure quality and traditionalism of ilkal saree weavers are preparing sarees by means handlooms.

Behind of one Ilkal saree to prepare, involves lots of effort and hard work of that weaver and weaver’s entire family. There are many types in Ilkal sarees are available with different border names and different colors. Like  Chikki Paras dadi, Gomi dadi, Gadidadi / Gayathri dadi, Godda Paras Peth dadi, Ruffil dadi. There are pure silk saree, semi silk saree, silk with kasuthi work saree, silk with cotton saree, silk with polycotton saree like this so many varieties are available in Ilkal sarees.

Why we here..?…….! is a website made to sell Ilkal sarees All over the world To fulfill the customer needs in purchasing traditional handmade Ilkal sarees with reasonable cost and relevant tag as per customer requirements and to get customer satisfaction.

 Most important thing is that we are from Ilkal itself so we know each and every detailed information about the Ilkal sarees. is a part of Inspire marketing. Which is a marketing agency, here we promote local businesses with advanced marketing tactics.   .

If you are people interested to buy Pure Ilkal sarees, that is not available at all the shops then what you do…? Another case…It is  not advisable to come to Ilkal for the sake of purchase one or two sarees from the long haul. To overcome such a situation and to provide service to buy pure Ilkal sarees by sitting anywhere throughout the world we established a direct bridge between weavers and the customers. This will helps both the customer and the weaver.

The weaver can earn their supportive cost and customer can buy Ilkal sarees with reasonable rate as well.

Our intension is that to provide instant gratification to customers in buying Ilkal sarees. By our online service the customer can save their valuable time and money.

Our dream is to create an environment for Ilkal saree buyers, that customer himself/herself feel like he/she is in Ilkal itself when he/she visit this site first time.


Inspire Marketing

Near Tippu Sultan Circle

Ward No 07 Alampurpeth

Ilkal 587125

Distict: Bagalkot

State Karnataka