famous traditional products of karnataka

Five famous handicrafts & handloom products of Karnataka which have high demand outside of India also.

As we all know India is famous for our traditions & culture and it has a rich heritage & history. India is a home of arts & crafts. In India there are still peoples who make arts & crafts, dresses in old methods (hand made or traditional method) and that’s what makes the items unique & beautiful. India is internationally famous for handcrafted items & handloom wears.

Many of the foreigners loves our Indian tradition & culture, while the foreigners visit to India first they make sure to purchase all the beautiful handicrafts & handloom products which make them look unique & fashionable.

As we know India is a home for art & craft’s, every state of India as its own tradition and culture were the people of the that state makes a their unique arts & crafts products, Karnataka state is also famous for making beautiful handicrafts & handloom products which have demand overseas also.

 So here are Five famous handicrafts & handloom products  of Karnataka which have high demand outside of India also.

  1. Bidriware.

Bidriware is a metal handicraft from Bidar a district of Karnataka. The term ‘Bidriware’ originates from the township of Bidar, which is still the chief centre for the manufacture of the unique metalware. The metal used is a blackened alloy of zinc and copper inlaid with thin sheets of pure silver. It was developed in the 14th century C.E. during the rule of the Bahamani Sultans.  Due to its striking inlay artwork, Bidriware is an important export handicraft of India and is prized as a symbol of wealth. This is the famous handicraft of Karnataka as well as our country.

  1. Kinnal Craft.

The town is famous for Kinhal or kinnal toys and craft made of light wood bearing intricate carvings & hand painting. Kinhal is local town of Koppal district in North Karnataka.

Kinhal has an immensely rich artistic heritage. It was once a flourishing centre for crafts, the most well-known being exquisite carvings in wood. The famous mural paintings in the Pampapateshwara Temple, and the intricate work on the wooden chariot at Hampi, are said to be the work of the ancestors of the Kinhal artisans of today. These crafts are still in demand for home decors & traditional look. This is also a famous handicraft of Karnataka as well as India.

  1. Mysore Silk Sarees

Mysore Silk Sarees are so much famous all over the world because of its quality & design. The silk is mainly grown in Mysore district of Karnataka. These sarees are manufactured in a silk factory located in Mysore which was started in1 902 by the Maharaja of Mysore. The silk factory has hundereds of looms for manufacturing saree.

Mysore is the home of the famous Indian feminine wear, the Mysore silk saree. The main feature of this saree is the usage of pure silk and 100% pure gold zar, Mysore silk sarees are highly recommended for wedding and for traditional looks. Mysore silk saree is famous in whole India as well as out of India.

  1. Ilkal Silk Sarees

lkal saree is a traditional form of saree  which is a common feminine wear in India. Ilkal is town of bagalkot district in Karnataka.  The Ilkal saree industry has a 1,000-year-old tradition. The sarees are manufactured from handlooms, Ilkal town has upto thousands of handlooms. The saree is either made of cotton, or a mixture of cotton and silk or in pure silk. The colors traditionally used are pomegranate red, brilliant peacock green and parrot green. The uniqueness of saree is joining of the body warp with pallu warp with a series of loops locally called as TOPE TENI technique.

The sarees that are made for bridal made of a particular colour wear are called Giri Kumukum which is associated with the sindhoor worn by the wives of the priests in this region. Nowadays  Ilkal sarees are becoming a new trend & these sarees are also used to make western dresses.

  1. Guledgudda Khana (Khunn)

Guledgudda Khana is a fabric hand woven using pure cotton thread & silk yarn by traditional weavers of Gulegudda and surrounding villages. Guledgudda is a village of Bagalkot district in Karnataka.  The Guledgudda Khana fabric is a product of intricate work and design, invented and preserved by weavers of Guledgudda & surrounding village.

Guledgudda Khana fabric is a mainly used for making of blouses. This fabric has become so much famous because of the soft material & quality, design these fabrics are also used to make colorful cushions, festive decor ideas, Diwali decor ideas or home decors.

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