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genuine silk saree

How to identify a genuine silk saree?

Genuine Silk Saree, when we hear these words we imagine grand and beautiful shiny saree. India is the 2nd largest silk producer and consumer in the world and we all know how much silk we use in terms of Sarees, Dress Materials, Shirt and bag and also in home decoration products, but in all these products the highest silk is used to make saree.

 Silk Sarees are produced from ancient times and in this 21st century, the silk saree has the highest demand because of its qualities like lightweight, comfortable in every weather conditions and importantly its grand and rich look which makes it unique from all other fabric.

As the demand for silk saree is increasing, in the same way, many types of different silks are coming into the market at the lowest prices. One needs to be aware of the original silk cloth and man-made silk cloth. Customers have huge doubts while shopping for silk saree purity. Therefore, there are some methods for reference which may be used collectively to attempt to decide if a cloth is a genuine silk saree or an artificial man-made cloth that seems like silk. 

You can verify the quality of Silk by yourself with these easy methods listed below by our weavears:

1.Hand Touch

It gives you a smooth feel when you touch it by hand, Soft, waxy feeling is a unique characteristic of silk products. If there is no such feeling from the product, it should not be the real silk.


Pure Silk made cloth is a bit expensive, but Silkal provides you at an affordable price. If any provides you Pure Silk saree at a low price then you should double-check it.

3.Burn Test

The burn test is one of the best & oldest methods to check pure silk and duplicate silk. If you burn Pure silk thread then it slowly burns and smells like burning hair while touching the flame, but will stop burning almost immediately when the flame is removed. Fake silk will melt into beads, smell like burning plastic, and can also catch fire, continuing to burn when you remove the flame! 

4.Weave & Look

The silk is weaved through both handloom and power-loom, and the look of silk weaved saree is gorgeous and shiny in handloom weave you can see little misplaces of threads but will be strongly weaved and power-loom the treads are aligned beautifully but weaving is a little loose. The fake silk weaved saree looks really shiny and the threads look like plastic thread.

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