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This is Ilkal Silk by Cotton chaduranga chikki saree, the body is made with cotton and Patti Pallu is made with silk materials. The design Of the saree is Chikki Paras. This Cotton silk has a smooth appearance and feels saree.  Be it summer, rainy, or winters, as they are very comfortable and feel soft pleasant on the skin. It remains smooth and soft on your skin and comfortable. One must invest in these beautiful and comfortable sarees. These sarees are a lot of comforts and caress the skin.
Weight: 0.5 kg
size: 6.20 Mtrs
Material Used: Cotton Silk
Season: Summer/Winter/Rainy/Any Season
Purpose: Normal Wear
Washing Tip: Normal Wash don’t use a brush


ilkal chaduranga chikki saree
ILKAL SILK BY COTTON CHADURANGA CHIKKI SAREE 4,046 Original price was: ₹4,046.2,743Current price is: ₹2,743. GST included

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Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Material Used

Silk by Cotton


Summer/Winter/Rainy/Any Season


Functional Wear/ Tradition Wear

Washing Tip

Normal Wash

Know More About ILKAL Saree

The ILKAL Saree you might have heard about this or you might have seen the Saree which is Originated from Ilkal. Ilkal is a town of weavers and granites. Ilkal saree is having the history from the 8th century. As centuries go on Ilkal saree have its demand in all south India

  • Ilkal saree has its demand or market because of its
  • Border
  • Pallu Design
  • TOPE TENI technique
  • Consistency from years
  • It's color

Border: Bhoomi Border Sarees, Gadi dadi border, Gomi dadi, chicki paras, bugadi sateen border, Gayatri, Kari Chandrakali, Chaduranga Chicki these border gives a verity and rich look to the Saree.

Types of Sarees: Ilkal Sarees comes with many different categories like Guledgudda Khana Sarees and  The distinctive feature of Ilkal sarees is the use of a form of embroidery called as Kasuti. The designs used in Kasuti reflect traditional patters like palanquins, elephants and lotuses which are embroidered onto Ilkal sarees.

Pallu Design: The Pallu is usually red silk with white Patterns. The end region Pallu is made up of Patterns of different Shapes like hanige(comb), Koti kammli(fort ramparts) tope tenne(jowar) and rampa(mountain range)

TOPE TENI Technique: it is the technique which makes saree unique from other saree because of saree joining the body wrap with pallu wrap which is locally called as TOPE TENI Technique this technique is Exclusively used in Ilkal Saree

Consistency of saree from year: The Consistency of ilkal saree is top because won’t fade its colour up to a year and we have some sarees more than 50 years old

Colour: some traditional colors are used most of the time these are Pomegranate Red, Brilliant Peacock green and Parrot Green. As time goes weavers also updated now these sarees are available in all colour

There is Somany traditional Silk Saree in India with their value, virtue, perceptions in that place ilkal Saree is also there the Ilkal saree have the GI tag of 76. If you want to buy ilkal saree online then you can buy it from