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Best Tips To Take Care Of Silk Sarees

 Silk Sarees, once we hear these words we imagine grand and delightful shiny saree but these saree’s come with a responsibility to take care of silk sarees properly. India is the 2nd largest silk producer and consumer within the world and that we all use silk in terms of Sarees, Dress Materials, Shirt and bag and also in home decoration products, but altogether these products the very best silk is employed to form saree. 

Silk Sarees are produced from the past and during this 21st century the silk sarees have the very best demand due to its qualities like light weight, comfortable on every weather and importantly its grand and rich look which makes it unique from all other fabric.

As beautiful and grand the silk saree looks, it comes with the responsibility to take care of the silk saree properly. If you take good care of these silk sarees they can last years and years with the same shine and look, but if you don’t take care of silk saree properly then they will lose its shine and quality soon.

In this article we’re giving some tips on how to take care of silk sarees:

  1. Place your Silk Sarees on a cotton cloth or a paper.
  2. Once in 3 months, dry the Silk Saree in an airy place.The Sarees got to get fresh air as often as possible.
  3. Do not dry them within the hot sun as they might lose their color.
  4. Do not hang the Silk Sarees in iron hangers. they’ll stain the sarees
  5. Do not wash the sarees frequently. You should give them for dry cleaning but even tons of dry cleaning isn’t recommended.
  6. Use a light soap detergent.
  7. Do not wash in hot water. Use only cold water.
  8. Do not soak the sarees in detergent. Just apply a light detergent and gently wash with hands.
  9. Do not squeeze or twist the sarees while washing. they ought to be handled as gently as possible.
  10. Do not use any brush. they’ll tear the Zari and leave unpleasant marks on the saree.
  11. Dry the saree immediately after washing. don’t squeeze the saree to get rid of water. As mentioned above, dry during a shady place and never directly under the recent sun.
  12. Always iron the sarees with medium heat. don’t iron along previous folding lines of the saree.

Source: Quora, Silkal

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