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Patteda Anchu Saree

Things to know about Patteda Anchu Saree.

As you all know Karnataka has many traditional sarees which have a history from Ancient times like Ilkal Saree, Guledgudda Khana, Mysore Saree and Patteda Anchu Sarees and Many More. Today we are gonna discuss the Patteda Anchu Saree history             

Patteda Anchu Saree is a handloom saree made from cotton fabric, It’s a 250 year old saree which was first weaved by an artisan to gift his daughter and then it’s used as offerings to goddess in temples and than on these unique and beautifully designed sarees are in demand highly.

This Saree is weaved by pure cotton fabric and weavers need at least two days to weave the sarees in handloom.    

Patteda Anchu Saree –

Patteda Anchu Saree comes is plain, big checks and small check, stripe designs with a big border which makes it looks unique and these sarees colours are made from natural dye, so there is no chemical colours are used in these sarees but some people from different villages use chemical colours and make power-loom weaved saree as the replica of this saree. This Saree can wear by all women in any aspect of life. As though this saree looks like is best suits for working women, but it looks perfect for every young, housewife or old aged women.

So many people have confusion about where they can get the original Patteda Anchu Saree, You guys can checkout our collection at for some pure and original sarees.

Source: Millennium Post, The Voice of Fashion

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